How to install a Nukefet (v2 gearbox)

When installing a Nukefet (AND Tactical Nukefet) into a V2 gearbox, there are some basics to consider.

You should have a working knowledge of:

1. How to disassemble your AEG
2. The inner workings of your gearbox
3. How to solder


ThingsĀ that are necessary for the job:

1. Tools to disassemble your AEG and gearbox

2. A soldering iron and solder

3. Wire cutters

4. About 10-20 minutes of spare time

Thats it! Beyond that, there are several tools which can be helpful, but that is all that is required to install the mosfet and have it run correctly.


With that in mind, lets begin.

Wiring colors change over time, but how the mosfet itself is wired will not.

The mosfet will arrive looking something like this:



In this instance the positive wire is red, however it also may be green or green/yellow striped depending on which generation mosfet you are installing.

The mosfet operates on the negative side of the circuit, and its gate wire operates on the positive side. Here is the mosfet, installed into a V2 gearbox.


As you can see, the mosfet is not included in the positive part of the circuit at all, but in fact goes from the negative terminal of the battery connector, to the motors negative terminal.

The positive wire is soldered directly to the battery’s positive terminal, and from there is soldered to the trigger, and then to the motor’s positive terminal.

The gate wire is soldered to the other pad on the trigger mechanism, so that when the trigger is pulled, positive voltage will flow through the gate wire.

Thats pretty much it! After routing the wires, you simply solder everything to the corresponding battery and motor tabs and apply heat shrink as necessary to cover exposed joints or terminals.


Completed installation photos:








If this is too much work, or you feel like you may not have the skills necessary to complete this installation, please consult a professional and please consider purchasing a Nukefet Complete instead: