Tactical Nukefet


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The Tactical NukeFet is like the standard NukeFet in all the ways that you have come to expect: it is hand made in America by an American Veteran, affordable, reliable, and compact, increases your rate of fire, and uses premium quality parts, all while being able to tolerate some incredibly demanding builds.

The Tactical NukeFet differs, by being able to take even MORE abuse. The Tactical Nukefet is rated for 20v (normal NukeFet is rated to 12.8v officially) and can tolerate an additional 50 amps over the standard NukeFet (and all other traditional 3034 based MOSFETs)! Want to run a 5s (18.5v) LiPo on a 700 fps 30 RPS gun? Done. Want a Gatling cannon with a custom gearbox and run it off of a car battery? Done.

This MOSFET will tackle any AEG you can throw at it.

Comes standard with approximately 18″ of 14awg (2.31mm Outer Diameter) Alpha Wire on each side of the MOSFET, 18″ of additional 14awg Alpha Wire, 4 gold plated Lonex OEM motor connectors, a Deans Ultra style male connector, and 4 pieces of heat shrink for the motor and battery connections.

It is important to note that it is required to use at least a 10v battery of sufficient discharge rating for your build if you are going to build a rifle that will see a consistent amperage draw of over 45 amps (typically seen in single shot builds that are shot rapidly). This is not unique to the Nukefet and is the nature of all MOSFETS.


Rated for 9.6v minimum, 20v maximum.