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The NukeFet is capable of handling some of the most demanding airsoft builds imaginable! The key to its power comes from its International Rectifier 3034 mosfet. I only used RoHS compliant name brand components, no Chinese cheap knock offs or factory seconds. I mostly use Panasonic, Infineon, and International Rectifier parts.


I use 16 gauge Alpha Wire primary wires and 24 gauge Alpha Wire secondary wire. This is some of the best wire available on the market, and it isn’t cheap!

The NukeFet comes with approximately 18″ of wire on the battery side, and 18″ of wiring on the drain side, 2 gold plated Lonex OEM motor connectors, a Deans Ultra style male connector, and 4 pieces of heat shrink for the motor and battery connections.

The NukeFet now uses even thinner 16awg Alpha Wire! The OD is 1.96mm. The previous wiring OD was 2.34mm.


Rated for 12.8v maximum.

IMPORTANT: Please only use batteries rated for at least 20A discharge. The product works with 7.4v batteries, but if you are using it in a high performance AEG, please consider using an 11.1v battery instead.

You can calculate your battery’s discharge rating by taking your batteries “c” rating, and multiplying it by your mAh rating / 1000.

For example a 20c, 1500 mAh battery would be rated for 20 x 1500 / 1000 = 30A.