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The NukeFet Complete is a standard NukeFet which has been hand soldered and assembled, and requires no soldering skills to install.

The NukeFet Complete is compatible with most v2 rear wired configurations. It was designed and tested to work with many G3, MP5, M4, M16 configurations but should work with other rear-wired v2 installations as well.


Please check that the following measurements are compatible with your AEG before purchasing.

When installed, the wire measurements are (approx.) as follows:


Positive motor wiring: 4.8″ (plus motor connector)

Negative motor wiring: 4.6″ (plus motor connector)

Back of gearbox to mosfet: 5.7″

Back of gearbox to battery connector: 12″


Rated for 12.8v maximum.

IMPORTANT: Please only use batteries with at least 20A discharge. The product works with 7.4v batteries, but if you are using it in a high performance AEG, please consider using an 11.1v battery instead.


You can calculate your battery’s discharge rating by taking your cell’s ‘C’ rating, and multiplying it by your mAh rating, and then taking that and dividing it by 1000.


For example a 20c, 1500 mAh battery would be rated for 20 x 1500 / 1000 = 30A.


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